Japan (1992 manga)

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Japan by Buronson cover.jpg
The cover of Japan
Genre Action, Post-apocalyptic
Written by Buronson
Illustrated by Kentaro Miura
Published by Hakusensha
English publisher
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Young Animal
Published 1992
Volumes 1
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Japan (ジャパン?) is a Japanese manga written by Buronson (author of Fist of the North Star) and illustrated by Kentaro Miura (author of Berserk). It was published in the Hakusensha magazine Young Animal in 1992[1] and licensed in English by Dark Horse Comics and released on August 24, 2005.[2]


A yakuza, in love with a TV reporter, comes to Barcelona, Spain, where she's making a reportage on what's the foreigners' idea of the Japanese people, and how Japanese people see themselves; during her speech, she makes a parallel between modern day Japan and the ancient Carthage, saying that the Carthaginians were wiped out by the Romans because of the same attitude Japanese people have nowadays, and because economic superiority brings war, and in the end loses to military strength. Suddenly there's an earthquake, and the ghosts of the Carthaginians bring the group (the two yakuza, the TV reporter and some university students) to the future, when the sea level has increased and all the islands which compose the Japanese archipelago have been submerged; the Japanese people have thus emigrated in the other countries, and they're now scattered around the world, and in particular in Europe, where after the cataclysm a dictatorship has been established, they've become slaves and bandits. Japan is long gone, and Japanese people are lost and oppressed; but among the newcomers, desperate of what they learn, the yakuza, who mostly wishes to protect the woman he dearly loves, has a dream: Japan can be refounded, if the Japanese people come together to fight for it.


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