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Not to be confused with Japan Academy Medal.

The Japan Academy Prize (日本学士院賞?) is a prize awarded by the Japan Academy in recognition of academic theses, books, and achievements. An award ceremony has been held every year since 1911. Up to nine of these Prizes are awarded every year. There have been 676 winners and 592 winning works as of 2005. They comprise a certificate, medal, and prize money of one million yen.


The ceremony is held on the premises of the Japan Academy in Ueno park. The Emperor has been visiting it since 1949. The three prizes awarded during the ceremony are:

After the ceremony some laureates give lectures on the topics of their research.

Recipients (of Japan Academy Prize)[edit]

  • 2011
  • 2008 (98th)
    • Keiji Morokuma - "Theoretical Studies of Design of Structure, Function and Reactivity of Molecules"
    • Takaya Hosoka - "The Persecution of Jews and Christians in the Early Roman Principate"
    • Fumio Ohtake - "Inequality in Japan"
    • Yoshinori Fujiyoshi - "Structure Determination of Membrane Proteins based on the Development of an Innovative Cryo-Electron Microscope"
    • Naomasa Nakai - Study of Active Galactic Nuclei and Super-Massive Black Holes based on VLBI Observations of Water-Vapor Maser Emission
    • Akira Hasegawa - "Discovery of Optical Soliton Properties in Fibers and of Self-organization of Plasma Turbulence"
    • Kanji Ohyama - "Gene Content, Organization and Molecular Evolution of Plant Organellar Genomes and Sex Chromosomes —Insights from the Case of the Liverwort Marchantia polymorpha—"
    • Kenji Kangawa - "Discovery of Novel Bioactive Peptides with Special Reference to Ghrelin"
    • Yoshiyuki Nagai - "Elucidation of the Molecular Basis of Paramyxovirus Pathogenicity and Generation of a Novel Class of Expression Vector"
  • 2007 (97th)
    • Senzô Hidemura - Agriculture and Society at the Last Stage of Satsuma Feudal Fief —A Study of Moriya Family, a Rural Warrior in Kōyama-Gō—
    • Shizuo Akira -Pathogen Recognition by Innate Immunity and its Signaling
    • Masaaki Sugiyama - The Mongol Empire and Dai-ön Ulus
    • Asahiko Taira - Accretion Tectonics and Evolution of the Japan Islands
    • Shinji Kawaji - Experimental Studies of Two-Dimensional Electron Systems"
    • Hisashi Yamamoto and Kohei Tamao - Exploitation of Chemical and Physical Properties of Main-group Element Compounds based on Flexibility for High Coordination (Joint Research)
    • Yukio Hori and Koji Kato - Studies on Tribology (Joint Research)
    • Toshisuke Maruyama - Water Demand-Supply Analysis in Large Spatial Areas Based on Evapotranspiration and Runoff
    • Yasushi Miyashita - The Discovery of Associative Memory Neurons in the Cerebral Cortex and Studies of the Cognitive Memory System
  • 2006 (96th)
    • Shuh Narumiya - Studies on the Prostaglandin Receptors
    • Shinsaku Iwahara -Electronic Payment and Law
    • Kotaro Suzumura -Welfare Economics beyond Welfarist-consequentialism
    • Noboru Mataga - Studies on Molecular Interactions and Chemical Reaction Dynamics of Photo-excited Molecules
    • Yoshinori Ohsumi -Molecular Mechanism and Physiological Function of Autophagy
    • Atsuto Suzuki -Studies of Antineutrino Science
    • Ken Sakamura -Research on the Computer Architecture with High Real-time Performance
    • Koki Horikoshi -Studies of Alkaliphilic Microorganisms: Their Diversity, Physiology, and Applications
    • Toshio Wagai -Studies on the Foundation and Development of Diagnostic Ultrasound


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