Japan Air System Flight 451

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Japan Air System Flight 451
Japan Air System McDonnel Douglas DC-9-41 (JA8450-47780-894) - Flickr - contri.jpg
A Japan Air System Douglas DC-9-41, similar to the one involved
DateApril 18, 1993
SummarySkidded off runway during landing due to windshear
SiteHanamaki Airport
Aircraft typeDouglas DC-9-41
OperatorJapan Air System
Flight originNagoya International Airport
StopoverHanamaki Airport
DestinationNew Chitose Airport

Japan Air System Flight 451 was a Japan Air System flight from Nagoya Airport in the Nagoya area in Aichi Prefecture, Japan to New Chitose Airport in Sapporo, Hokkaido Prefecture with stopover at Hanamaki Airport in Hanamaki, Iwate Prefecture. On April 18, 1993, the Douglas DC-9-41 on the route crashed while landing at Hanamaki Airport. The aircraft suddenly lost a significant amount of airspeed as it crossed the boundary line of a passing cold front (which resulted in windshear), while on final landing approach, near the runway. The somewhat inexperienced FO was not able to conduct a missed approach fast enough to avoid a hard landing. The plane then skidded off of the runway.[1]

All 72 passengers and five crew members survived, with 19 people sustaining injuries. The aircraft caught fire as the passengers evacuated.[2] The aircraft was written off.[1]


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