Japan Airlines Flight 471

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Japan Airlines Flight 471
JA8012 DC-8-53 Japan Air Lines JFK 09JUL70 (5580803202).jpg
JA8012, the aircraft involved, at John F. Kennedy International Airport in 1970
Accident summary
Date June 14, 1972
Site near Palam International Airport, New Delhi
Passengers 78
Crew 11
Fatalities 90, including 4 on the ground
Survivors 3
Aircraft type Douglas DC-8-53
Operator Japan Airlines
Registration JA8012
Flight origin Haneda International Airport (TYO/RJTT), Tokyo, Japan
1st stopover Kai Tak International Airport (HKG/VHHH), Hong Kong
2nd stopover Don Mueang International Airport (BKK/VTBD), Bangkok, Thailand
3rd stopover Palam International Airport (DEL/VIDP), New Delhi, India
4th stopover Cairo International Airport (CAI/HECA), Cairo, Egypt
5th stopover Leonardo da Vinci International Airport (FCO/LIRF), Rome, Italy
6th stopover Frankfurt International Airport (FRA/EDDF), Frankfurt, West Germany
Destination Heathrow Airport (LHR/EGLL), London, United Kingdom

Japan Airlines Flight 471 was a Japan Airlines flight from Don Mueang International Airport in Bangkok, Thailand to Palam International Airport (now Indira Gandhi International Airport) in New Delhi, India. On June 14, 1972 the Douglas DC-8-53 crashed outside of the New Delhi airport, killing 86 of 89 occupants: 11 crew members and 75 of 78 passengers. Four people on the ground were also killed.[1]

Aircraft and crew[edit]

The accident aircraft was a Douglas DC-8-53, registered JA8012 to Japan Airlines. The aircraft was written off after the accident. All crew members perished.


Sixteen of the dead were Americans.[2] Brazilian actress Leila Diniz was also among those killed.[3] The sole Indian passenger on this flight [4]Dr.K.K.P. Narasinga Rao, a senior official of the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, was among the dead. 75 of the 78 passengers perished.

Sequence of events[edit]

The plane was on the Bangkok-New Delhi part of the Tokyo-London route when the accident occurred. The flight took off at Don Mueang International Airport in Bangkok at 11:21 UTC on route to Palam International Airport in New Delhi. At 14:43 UTC, the flight was given clearance for a straight-in ILS approach to runway 28. The plane crashed into the banks of Yamuna River not long after the 23 mile (43km) report from DME.[5]


The exact cause of the accident remains disputed. The investigators representing Japan pointed to the possibility of a false glide path signal causing the crash. Indian investigators claimed the crash was caused by pilot error, specifically the pilot in charge ignoring instrument indications and not ensuring sight of the runway. The first officer was in charge of flying the approach to New Delhi.[6]

See also[edit]

  • Indian Airlines Flight 440, another aviation disaster that took place at Palam less than a year after Japan Airlines Flight 471.