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The Japan FM League (ジャパン エフエム リーグ) (JFL) is a commercial radio network in Japan. It is owned by J-Wave and established in October 1993.

JFL's main ideal is to respect the operation of each of its affiliates, letting each affiliate flourish under its own terms. The network is a co-operative, with each affiliate offering its resources when useful. So for example when J-Wave wants to air a concert or ask for interviews when a group tours in Nagoya, it can easily borrow the studios of ZIP-FM (the JFL affiliate there) to help produce what's needed.

Japan FM League stations[edit]


Station Call sign Broadcast area (Prefectures) Region Former name
J-Wave JOAV-FM Tokyo [1] Kantō region FM Japan
FM802 JOFV-FM Osaka Kansai region
Zip FM JOQV-FM Aichi Chūbu region FM Nagoya
Cross FM JORV-FM Fukuoka Kyushu region FM Kyushu
FM North Wave JOPV-FM Hokkaidō Hokkaido region -


Station Call sign Broadcast area (Prefectures) Region
FM Port JOWV-FM Niigata Chūbu region



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