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Japan Habba (Japan Festival) (Kannada: ಜಪಾನ್ ಹಬ್ಬ, Japanese: ジャパン ハッバ) is a cultural exchange program between Indians and Japanese. Started as an annual event in 2005, it aims at showcasing Japanese culture to all students of Japanese language, and those interested in Japan and its culture under one platform. It has been celebrated in Bangalore during spring (January–February) of every year.[1][2]

The word, “Japan Habba“ was coined from two words, 'Japan' and 'Habba', where Habba refers to “Festival” in Kannada language.

Being an international event, Japan Habba attracts huge audience from across country and from Japan. Japan Habba 2012 was registered for the celebrations of 60th anniversary of Japan-India diplomatic relations.


The sole purpose of Japan Habba is to facilitate, strengthen, and deepen the ties between the people of India and Japan, which is the foundation for relationships.

Program overview[edit]

There are various programs that are part of Japan Habba:

  • Karaoke contest
  • Group Dance
  • Group Song performance
  • Comparison of Indian and Japanese culture through a small play

Apart from celebration programs, a lot of booths are open in Japan Habba:

  • Japanese summer clothes (Yukata)
  • Japanese tea ceremony (Ochakai)
  • Japanese Calligraphy exhibition
  • Live calligraphy experience
  • Japanese paper folding exhibition (Origami)
  • Kanji / Chinese character mehndi
  • Japanese sweet candy
  • Disposable chopsticks popper

Active organizations[edit]

Japan Habba is celebrated under the auspices of below organizations.[1]

  1. Japan Habba Trust
  2. Bangalore Japanese Consulate
  3. Bangalore Japanese Association
  4. Japan Foundation
  5. Koyo
  6. Indo-Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industries

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