Japan Institute for National Fundamentals

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Abbreviation JINF
Motto Revitalizing Japan by pursuing grand national strategy with respect for Japanese traditions and contributing to the international community
Formation 2007
Type Public policy, Foreign policy, think tank
Headquarters Claire Hirakawa-cho #801, 2-16-5 Hirakawa-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0093, Japan
Yoshiko Sakurai
Website en.jinf.jp

The Japan Institute for National Fundamentals (国家基本問題研究所, Kokka Kihon Mondai Kenkyūjo) is a public and foreign policy think tank in Tokyo, Japan, privately funded and founded in December 2007. Yoshiko Sakurai, a journalist, serves as President, and Tadae Takubo, Professor Emeritus of Kyorin University, serves as Vice President.

Leadership and staff[edit]

The President is Yoshiko Sakurai, a journalist. The Vice President is Tadae Takubo, Professor Emeritus of Kyorin University. Both, along with several other board members, are affiliated to the openly revisionist lobby Nippon Kaigi. Takubo is also a member of the representative committee of that lobby.[1]


JINF publishes weekly short commentaries written by various professionals on current issues. The institute also publishes a newsletter reporting activities every other month for its members.


Since 2014, the JINF has administered two annual prizes, a Kokkiken Japan Study Award and Japan Study Encouragement Award. Through these awards, the Foundation "encourages and honors outstanding works in the field of Japanese studies at home and abroad that contribute to the furthering of understanding of Japan in the areas of politics, national security, diplomacy, history, education and culture, among others."[2]


The Japan Institute for National Fundamentals is a fully private-funded think tank. There are three types of membership of the institute, Individual, Supporter and Corporate membership, all of which are completely open.


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