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National Route 117 shield

National Route 117
Route information
Length119.6 km[1] (74.3 mi)
Highway system
National highways of Japan
Expressways of Japan
National Route 116National Route 118

Route 117 (国道117号, Kokudō hyakujūnana-gō) is a national highway connecting Nagano, Nagano and Ojiya, Niigata in Japan.

Route Data[edit]


  • 1953-05-18 - Second Class National Highway 117 (from Nagano to Ojiya)
  • 1965-04-01 - General National Highway 117 (from Nagano to Ojiya)

Overlapping sections[edit]

  • In Nagano City, from Nakagosho intersection to Nishiowaribe intersection: Route 19
  • In Nagano City, Nishiowaribe intersection to Asano intersection: Route 18
  • In Nagano City, Higashiwada intersection to Yanagihara-Kita intersection: Route 406
  • In Iiyama City, Komaki-bashi kita intersection to Ario intersection: Route 292

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