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National Route 18 shield

National Route 18
国道18号 (Kokudō jūhachi-gō)
Route information
Length: 193.9 km (120.5 mi)
Highway system
National highways of Japan
Expressways of Japan

National Route 18 is a national highway connecting Takasaki, Gunma and Joetsu, Niigata in Japan.[1]

Route Data[edit]


Municipalities passed through[edit]

Intersects with[edit]


Among other sections already finished, a bypass running on the west side of the Chikuma River from the extreme southern part of Nagano City to Ueda is currently under construction. As of 2008, only a small amount of sections of this bypass has been completed. The completed sections are in Ueda, just west of the Chikuma River, and in Chikuma from Inariyama to just south of Yawata.


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