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National Route 20 shield

National Route 20
国道20号 Kokudō nijū-gō
Route information
Length225.0 km (139.8 mi)
Major junctions
South end National Route 1 / National Route 4 / National Route 6 / National Route 14 / National Route 15 / National Route 17 in Nihonbashi, Chūō
North end National Route 19 / National Route 153 in Shiojiri, Nagano
Major citiesHachiōji
Highway system
National highways of Japan
Expressways of Japan
The Sakurada Gate of the Imperial Palace. Ii Naosuke was assassinated outside this gate.

National Route 20 is a national highway connecting Tokyo and Shiojiri, Nagano prefecture in Japan. Originating at Nihonbashi in Chūō, Tokyo, it passes through Shinjuku and four other wards, and then seven cities, including Hachiōji in Tokyo. It follows a westward route into Kanagawa Prefecture, passing through the city of Sagamihara and one town. Continuing into Yamanashi Prefecture, the highway passes through nine cities and towns, among them the prefectural capital of Kofu. In Nagano Prefecture, Route 20 passes through five cities and towns before entering Shiojiri, where it terminates at the intersection of Routes 19 and 153. The highway is 225.0 km long.[1]

Route 20 is the successor to the Kōshū Kaidō, an Edo period highway connecting the shogunal capital of Edo and Kofu, then the principal city in Kai Province (or Kōshū, as it was also known). Parts of it still bear the old name.

The road's course passes the Sakurada Gate of the Tokyo Imperial Palace. Shinjuku Station is on Route 20. The marathon course of the Tokyo Olympics included parts of Route 20.


Overlapping sections[edit]

  • From Nihonbashi to Chiyoda (Sakuradamon intersection): Route 1
  • In Hachioji, from Yokamachi intersection to Hachimancho intersection: Route 16
  • In Otsuki, from intersection to Otsuki-bashi east intersection: Route 139
  • From Kai (Ryuo-rittai intersection) to Nirasaki (Funayama-bashi kita intersection): Route 52

Intersects with[edit]


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