Japan National Route 470

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National Route 470 shield

National Route 470
Route information
Length: 100.0 km (62.1 mi)
Highway system
National highways of Japan
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National Route 470 is a national highway of Japan connecting between Wajima, Ishikawa and Tonami, Toyama in Japan, with total length has 100.0 kilometres (62.1 mi).

A whole part of the road is specified as the Nōetsu Expressway (能越自動車道?, Nōetsu Jidōshadō). This road has two toll zones. Ishikawa toll zone is managed by Ishikawa Prefectual Road Public Corporation. Toyama toll zone is managed by Toyama Prefectural Road Public Corporation. The others is managed by MLIT. This road is connected to Noto toll road in Shika, Ishikawa and to Hokuriku Expressway in Tonami, Toyama. From Anamizu, Ishikawa to Shika is overlap section of Noto toll road.

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