Japan New Party

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Japan New Party

Nihon Shintō
President Morihiro Hosokawa
Founded 22 May 1992
Dissolved 9 December 1994
Split from Liberal Democratic Party
Merged into New Frontier Party
Colors Green

The Japan New Party (日本新党 Nihon Shintō) was a Japanese political party that existed briefly from 1992 to 1994.

The party, considered liberal, was founded by Morihiro Hosokawa, a former diet member and Kumamoto Prefecture governor, who left the Liberal Democratic Party to protest corruption scandals. In 1992, the party elected four members to the House of Councillors, including Hosokawa. Although this was a disappointing result for them, in 1993 they were able to capitalize on voter dissatisfaction with the LDP, electing a total of 35 members (including 3 who joined after the election). Hosokawa became Prime Minister leading a broad coalition, but was soon forced to resign.

By 1994, the Japan New Party dissolved, its members flowing into the New Frontier Party (新進党).

Presidents of JNP[edit]

No. Name Term of office Image
Took Office Left Office
1 Morihiro Hosokawa
細川 護熙
Hosokawa Morihiro
22 May 1992 9 December 1994

General election results[edit]

Election Leader # of candidates # of seats won # of Constituency votes  % of Constituency vote
1993 Morihiro Hosokawa 57 35 5,053,981 8.05%