Japan at the AFC Asian Cup

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Since 1988 AFC Asian Cup, Japan has qualified for eight consecutive AFC Asian Cup from 1992 to 2019. Japan is also the most successful team in the tournament, with 4 titles.

Although having such an impressive records, Japan was not a continental football power until 1988, and outside 1968 Summer Olympics shock, Japan had been regarded as a weak team in the continent. It was just after qualified for the 1988 edition and being awarded as host for the 1992 AFC Asian Cup that saw resurgence and rise of football in Japan. Overall, Japan missed eight first editions before 1988. In response, Japanese football grew rapidly and soon replaced traditional powerhouses like South Korea, Iran and Saudi Arabia as new emerging and eventually, dominant football power in Asia, although recent rise of Australia has posed challenge for Japan's dominant position.

Japan results in the Asian Cup[edit]