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Japan Japan 日本

Japan American Football National Team.png

Association JAFA
Region Asia (AFAF)
Founded 1984
Colors Red, White
First international
 Japan 24–14  Sweden
(Palermo, Italy; June 28, 1999)
Biggest win
 Japan 88–0  South Korea
(Osaka, Japan; February 23, 2003)
Biggest defeat
 Japan 27–31  Canada
(Graz, Austria; July 13, 2011)
IFAF World Championship
Appearances 4 (first in 1999)
Best result Gold medal with cup.svg (1999, 2003)
Japan national American football team
Medal record
Men’s American football
Competitor for  Japan
World Championship
Gold medal – first place 1999 Italy Team Competition
Gold medal – first place 2003 Germany Team Competition
Silver medal – second place 2007 Japan Team Competition
Bronze medal – third place 2011 Austria Team Competition

The Japan national American football team represents Japan in international American football competitions. The team is controlled by the Japan American Football Association, and has been one of the world's strongest international teams since it began participating regularly in international tournaments in the 1990s, and currently possesses the same amount of American Football World Cups as the United States[1] (1999,2003).

Japan won the inaugural 1999 IFAF World Championship and won again in 2003.[2] In 2007 they advanced to the final, losing to the United States 23–20 in overtime.[3][4][5] In 2010 Japan beat Germany 24–14 in the inaugural Germany-Japan Bowl.[6] On February 2011, Japan bested South Korea (76–0) to qualify for the 2011 IFAF World Championship.[7]

IFAF World Championship record[edit]

Year Position GP W L PF PA
Italy 1999 1st 3 3 0 84 14
Germany 2003 1st 2 2 0 57 20
Japan 2007 2nd 3 2 1 116 23
Austria 2011 3rd 4 3 1 103 61
United States 2015 Qualified

2011 IFAF World Championship Roster[edit]

Japan National American Football Team roster

Running Backs

Wide Receivers

Offensive Linemen

Defensive Linemen


Defensive Backs

Special Teams

Inactive List

Roster updated 2011-07-08

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