Japanese Devils

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Riben guizi
Directed by Minoru Matsui
Produced by Minoru Matsui, Ken'ichi Oguri
Written by Minoru Matsui (screenplay)
Starring Yoshio Tsuchiya, Hakudo Nagatomi, Yoshio Shinozuka
Music by Ryosuke Sato
Cinematography Ken'ichi Oguri
Edited by Minoru Matsui
Release dates
Running time
160 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Japanese Devils (or Riben Guizi 日本鬼子) is a Japanese documentary about the war crimes committed by the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II.

Controversies stirred up over the credibility of the movie. All the 14 former soldiers appeared in the film were ex-POWs of China and were subjected to a long "re-education" by the Chinese government in Fushun War Criminals Management Centre.[1]

The Chinese term Riben Guizi is a common ethnic slur against the Japanese people (See Anti-Japanese sentiment in China).


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