Japanese Gardens (Hayward, California)

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Japanese Gardens
Japanese Gardens memorial plaque.jpg
Dedication plaque
LocationHayward, California, United States
Coordinates37°40′50″N 122°04′48″W / 37.680580°N 122.079972°W / 37.680580; -122.079972Coordinates: 37°40′50″N 122°04′48″W / 37.680580°N 122.079972°W / 37.680580; -122.079972
Area3.5 acres (0.014 km2; 0.0055 sq mi)
Operated byHayward Area Recreation and Park District
Open8 a.m - 4 p.m. daily
Japanese Gardens

The Hayward Japanese Gardens, located near downtown Hayward, are the oldest Japanese gardens in California designed along traditional lines. They are maintained by the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District (HARD).[1]


The site formerly housed the Hayward High School agricultural studies program, from 1913 to 1962. The land was designated as a future park site in 1962, with HARD beginning the acquisition process in 1972. The park's current area was fully acquired by 1976, and the park was dedicated in 1980.



The garden was designed by Kimio Kimura.[2] It follows Japanese garden design principles, using California native stone and plants. No stains were used on the wood constructions. Nails and fasteners are recessed, and all wood was notched, and aged, to simulate the appearance of a traditional Japanese garden.

gardens from observation deck


Weddings are conducted at the Gardens. They are adjacent to the Douglas Morrisson Theatre, which is also operated by HARD.[3]