Japanese Venezuelans

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Japanese Venezuelans
Japonés Venezolano
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Caracas, Puerto La Cruz
Spanish, Japanese, English
Roman Catholicism and Buddhism
Related ethnic groups
Japanese diaspora, Japanese Americans, Japanese Canadians, Japanese Mexicans, Japanese Paraguayans, Japanese Peruvians, Japanese Brazilians

Japanese Venezuelans (Spanish: Japonés Venezolano, Japanese: 日系ベネズエラ人 Nikkei Benezuerajin) are Venezuelan citizens who have full or partial Japanese ancestry. The first wave of Japanese came to Venezuela on 1931.[2]


Most Japanese Venezuelans only speak Spanish. Only a selected number can speak Japanese, while those with higher education speak English. There are even a number of Japanese Venezuelan schools that offer English-language teaching to the recent Japanese residents.


The majority of Japanese Venezuelans are Roman Catholic Christians, while the rest are Buddhists.

Prominent Japanese Venezuelans[edit]