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Ancient clan names[edit]

There are ancient-era clan names called Uji-na (氏名?) or Honsei (本姓?).

Imperial Clan[edit]

Four noble clans[edit]

Gempeitōkitsu (源平藤橘?), 4 noble clans of Japan:

Mon of Taira clan

Noble clans[edit]

Native clans[edit]

Immigrant clans[edit]

Newly created noble clan[edit]

Family names[edit]

From the late ancient era onward, the family name (Myōji/苗字 or 名字) had been commonly used by samurai to denote their family line instead of the name of the ancient clan that the family line belongs to (uji-na/氏名 or honsei/本姓), which was used only in the official records in the Imperial court. Kuge families also had used their family name (Kamei/家名) for the same purpose. Each of samurai families is called "[family name] clan (氏)" as follows and they must not be confused with ancient clan names:

Other clans and families[edit]

Logo of Mitsubishi


Sacerdotal clans:


Ryukyuan people are not Yamato people, but the Ryukyu Islands have been part of Japan since 1879.

Mon of the Ryukyu Kingdom

Ryukyuan dynasties:

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