Japanese gunboat Atami

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Japanese gunboat Atami 1929.jpg
IJN gunboat Atami 1929
Class overview
Name: Atami
Succeeded by: Fushimi class gunboat
Completed: 2
Naval Ensign of Japan.svg
Name: Atami
Ordered: 1927 Fiscal Year
Builder: Mitsui Shipyards, Tama
Laid down: 6 November 1928
Launched: 30 March 1929
Completed: 30 June 1929
Decommissioned: 30 September 1945
Out of service: September 1945
Struck: 30 September 1945
Name: Yong Ping
Acquired: 30 September 1945
Fate: captured by PRC in Chinese Civil War
Name: Wu Jiang
Acquired: 30 November 1949
Fate: scrapped in 1960s
General characteristics
Type: gunboat
Displacement: 249 tons
Length: 150 ft 7 in (45.90 m) overall
Beam: 17.4 ft 10 in (5.56 m)
Draught: 3.7 ft (1.1 m)
  • geared turbines
  • two shafts
  • 2 boilers
  • 1,300 horsepower (970 kW)
Speed: 16 knots (30 km/h)
Range: 1,000 nautical miles (1,900 km) @ 10 knots (19 km/h)
Complement: 54

Atami (熱海) was a river gunboat of the Imperial Japanese Navy, part of the 11th Gunboat Sentai, that operated on the Yangtze River in China during the 1930s, and during the Second Sino-Japanese War. After World War II, the ship entered service with the Republic of China Navy as Yong Ping (永平), but was captured by the Chinese communists at the end of Chinese Civil War, and entered People's Liberation Army Navy as Wu Jiang (乌江). The ship was finally scrapped in the 1960s.