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This is a list of symbols appearing on Japanese maps. These symbols are called chizukigou (地図記号) in the Japanese language.

symbol meaning illustration symbol meaning illustration
Municipal building (major city) Municipal building (city or ward level) Fukuoka City Hall Municipal building (minor city, town, village) Municipal building (town or village level) Kota Town Office
Courthouse Court house or building Sapporo-High-District-Court Fire station Fire station Nishi Fire Station Hiroshima City
Police station Police station Police station Koban Kōban Kameariekimae-Kitaguchi Koban
Public health center Public health center image search Post office Post office Post office
Meteorological observatory Meteorological observatory Meteorological observatory District Forestry Office Forest service office image searching
Government building Government office building kinyucho Elementary or junior high school Elementary or junior highschool Kota Junior High School gates
High school High school Kozakai high school Junior college Junior college image searching
Technical college Technical college Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology Shinagawa-Campus University College or university Waseda University main campus
Museum Museum Tokyo National Museum in Ueno Library Library Gifu Library
Shinto shrine Shinto shrine Fushimi Inari, Shinto shrine Buddhist Temple Temple Daitoku-ji
Factory Plant or factory Hitachi Toyokawa Factory Hospital Hospital Nagoya University Hospital
Japan Self-Defense Forces Military base Self-Defense Forces Oil or Gas well Oil or gas well Oil well (Germany)
Power plant Power station Oi Thermal Power Station nursing home Nursing home image searching
Japanese castle Castle Himeji Castle Chimney Chimney Chimney (NOT in Japan)
Crater or Fumarole Volcanic crater or Fumarole Mount Aso Radio tower Radio tower Radio tower
TV tower TV tower Tokyo Tower Historical site-Place of scenic beauty-Natural monument-Protected animal plant Place of historic, cultural, or scenic interest Nintoku Tomb
Monument Monument Windmill Wind turbine or farm Wind turbines
Lighthouse Lighthouse Old style Japanese Lighthouse Broadleaf trees Hardwood forest or woods Broadleaf trees
Coniferous trees Coniferous forest or woods Coniferous trees Palm trees Palm trees Palm trees
Bamboo grove Bamboo grove Bamboo grove Siberian Dwarf Pines Dwarf pine forest or woods Siberian Dwarf Pines
Field Fields Field (NOT in Japan) Paddy field Paddies Spring rice paddy
Orchard Orchard Sour Cherry Orchard Tea plantation Tea plantation Tea plantation (Sri Lanka)
Mulberry field Mulberry orchard Mulberry orchard Other Tree plantation Other plantation Other Tree plantation
Barren land Marsh or Grassland Barren land Graveyard Graveyard or cemetery Graveyard
Mine Mine Mine Pithead Pit head Ryugenji Mine Shaft
Quarry Quarry Quarry Onsen Onsen (hot spring) Onsen
Important port Major port Kobe port Local port Minor port Local port
Fishing port Fishing port Fishing port Car Ferry Ferry (car carrier) Ritsurin Car Ferry
Other Ferry Ferry Non-car Ferry Benchmark Benchmark benchmark
Fixed GPS marker Fixed GPS survey point (Electronic triangulation point Fixed GPS marker Triangulation point Triangulation point Triangulation point

Partial list of symbols for users with visual impairment[edit]

Official symbols according to the conventions of the Geographical Survey Institute of Japan appear with a circle below.

Symbol GSI Meaning Unicode Description
Base triangulation surveying point U+25EC Dot in upward-pointing triangle
Electronic triangulation point Dot in upward-pointing triangle with flag
Benchmark U+22A1 Dot in square
Factory U+26ED Gear without hub
Lighthouse U+26EF Map symbol for lighthouse
Power station U+26EE Gear with handles
Elementary or junior high school U+6587 Kanji bun
High school U+3246 Kanji bun in a circle
University Kanji bun with a smaller kanji 大 (for daigaku) in brackets on top
Technical college Kanji bun with a smaller kanji 専 (for senmon gakkō) in brackets on top
Post office U+3036 Down tack (T-shape) with overbar in circle
× Sub post office (not distribution centre) U+3012 Down tack (T-shape) with overbar
Police station U+2B59 Heavy circled saltire
Koban (police box) U+2613 Diagonal cross (saltire)
Public health centre U+2295 Greek cross in circle
Hospital Greek cross in shield
Prefectural Office U+26FB Oval bullseye
City hall U+2B57 Heavy circle with circle inside
Ward office U+25C9 Fisheye
Town hall U+2B58 Heavy circle
Shinto shrine U+26E9 Shinto shrine
Buddhist temple U+534D Manji (Swastika)
Castle U+26EB Castle
Cemetery U+26FC Headstone graveyard symbol
Onsen (hot springs) U+2668 Oval with three vertical wavy lines
Historical landmark U+26EC Historic site
Summit U+26F0 Mountain

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