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Nagaraya brand cracker nuts

Cracker nuts, also known as Japanese peanuts or Japanese style peanuts are a snack food made from peanuts that are coated in a wheat flour dough and then fried or deep-fried.[1] They come in a variety of different flavours.

Japanese peanuts

Cracker nuts are claimed to have originated in Mexico in the 1940s where a Japanese immigrant by the name of Yoshigei Nakatani invented “Japanese peanuts” (widely known in the Spanish-speaking world as cacahuetes japoneses or maní japonés).[2]

The Mexican version’s recipe for the extra-crunchy shell has ingredients such as wheat flour, soy sauce, water, sugar, monosodium glutamate, and citric acid.[3][4]

Similar foods[edit]

Picard Peanuts is a Canadian company that produces Chip Nuts, a snack food brand consisting of peanuts that have a potato chip coating.[5] Various flavors of potato chips are used in the product's production.[6]

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