Japanese transport Kembu Maru

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Bismarck Sea 141996.jpg
Kenbu Maru under attack by Allied aircraft during the battle of the Bismarck Sea
Name: Kembu Maru
Fate: Sunk by aircraft on 3 March 1943 at 07°15'S, 148°30'E
General characteristics
Tonnage: 953 tons

Kembu Maru was a 953-ton transport ship of Imperial Japanese Army during World War II.

She left Rabaul, New Britain on 1 March 1943, as part of Operation 81, carrying a cargo of 1,000 drums of avgas and 650 drums of other fuel for Lae, New Guinea.[1] The convoy was attacked by aircraft of the United States Army Air Forces and Royal Australian Air Force from 2 March 1943, known as the Battle of the Bismarck Sea. Kembu Maru was bombed on 3 March; she exploded in a giant fireball and sank at 07°15'S., 148°30'E.
20 troops are KIA.[2]


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