Jaquie Brown

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Jaquie Brown
Born England, United Kingdom
Nationality New Zealand
  • TV presenter
  • Actress
  • Radio presenter

Jaquie Brown is a New Zealand TV presenter, actress and radio presenter. Brown was born in England[1][2] and moved to New Zealand with her family when she was a child.


In her late teens, Jaquie Brown spent time at Kiwi Radio.[2]

Her first television appearance was the late-night TV show Space on TV2, as a co-host.[2] She also worked as a reporter for TV3's Campbell Live, a C4 Music presenter, and a guest reporter for TV3's Nightline.[1][2]

Jaquie Brown starred in a New Zealand sitcom, The Jaquie Brown Diaries, as a ficionalised version of herself.[3] The show won several awards, including Best Comedy, Best TV Show on TV and Best Local TV Show.

Jaquie presented in the New Zealand Music Awards as well as being the Television Tutor for New Zealand's Next Top Model.[1]


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