Jaragua, Hispaniola

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The cacicazgo of Jaragua, also written as Xaragua, was one of the five chiefdoms in the island of Hispaniola, stretching across through the southwest; limiting to the north by the cacicazgo of Marién, south by the Caribbean Sea to the east with the cacicazgo of Maguana, and the west by the Jamaica Channel. Jaragua emerged as the union of two previous cacicazgos, Zui and Yáquimo.

It was ruled by the cacique Bohechío. It was the largest surface area of the island. He had his seat at a place called Yaguana, near the present city Léogane, Haiti. It was divided into 26 nitaínos.

In the tribe the situation was that Bohechío, being brother of Anacaona, had to reside within the subchiefdom of Yáquimo, it was waging a war against two very primitive and early settlers of Quisqueya, one of them located in the region of Yuboa and the other in the extreme southwest of the island called Guacayarima.

Bohechío required a double alliance with the chief of Haniguayagua for the control of the southwest and another to Caonabo, for control and access to Yuboa.