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  • جڑانوالا
  • جڑانوالہ
The town's modernist Mehtab Mosque
The town's modernist Mehtab Mosque
Jaranwala is located in Punjab, Pakistan
Jaranwala is located in Pakistan
Coordinates: 31°20′0″N 73°25′0″E / 31.33333°N 73.41667°E / 31.33333; 73.41667Coordinates: 31°20′0″N 73°25′0″E / 31.33333°N 73.41667°E / 31.33333; 73.41667
Country Pakistan
Province Punjab
184 m (604 ft)
 • City150,380
 • Rank58th, Pakistan
Time zoneUTC+5 (PST)
Calling code041

Jaranwala (Punjabi: جڑانوالا; Urdu: جڑانوالہ) is a city and capital of Jaranwala Tehsil located in the Faisalabad District of Punjab, Pakistan.[2] It is the 58th largest city of Pakistan. It also one of the biggest tehsil by population in the province of Punjab in Pakistan.


It is located at 31°20'0N 73°26'0E with an altitude of 184 meters (606 feet). It is located 35 km southeast of Faisalabad and 110 km from Lahore. The city serves as the headquarters of Jaranwala Tehsil, an administrative subdivision of the district.[2]


Jaranwala'a name originates from a Bohar, Bargad Banyan tree known as Jaranwala Bohar. Jaranwala is combination of two Punjabi words: Jaran and Wala, where Jaran means "roots" and "Wala" means place.


The city is almost 400 years old. According to legends, a Banyan tree with long hanging roots was positioned at the bank of a pond near Chak No. 240 GB. Because of that Banyan tree, the place was later to be known as Jaranwala. The word Jaranwala has two parts: Jaran and Wala. Jaran means roots and wala means place. Combining both words formed the name Jaranwala, meaning, place of roots.

The existing city was founded by the British government in 1908.[3] Mr. Micheal Ferrar deputy commissioner of Faisalabad inaugurated this town in 1909 and Sir Ganga Ram designed the city.[4]

Bhagat Singh, who was an influential figure in the Indian independence movement, was born in Chak 105 GB which is now part of Jaranwala. There is a 100-year-old gate, the Pakistani Gate, in front of Rail Bazaar in Jaranwala, which was later redesigned and rebuilt by the town municipality.

Pakistani Gate Jaranwala[edit]

The Pakistani Gate is a central point and historical monument in Jaranwala. In January 1917, Sardar Harbeel Sing notified the area committee of Jaranwala to construct a wooden gate to welcome the Lieutenant Governor of Punjab, Sir Michael Francis O'Dwyer, in Jaranwala. After his visit, the gate was named O'Dwyer Gate. However, after the Jallianwala Bagh massacre, the people demanded to rename the gate to no avail. Due to heavy wind, the name of O'Dwyer was removed from the gate and it was renamed the Railway Gate. On the visit of Nehru on 1 June 1936, it was renamed the Nehru Gate, and the president of Municipal Committee Jaranawala Lala Harnam Das approved the name the on 30 March 1937. The name was changed again after the independence of Pakistan, when the first president of the Municipal Committee of Jaranawala, Syed Altaf Hussain, renamed it the Pakistani Gate. The Pakistani Gate was reconstructed in 1956, 1967, and 2009.[5][6][7]


According to the 2017 Census of Pakistan, the population of the Jaranwala MC (Municipal Committee) is 150,380.[1]


Jaranwala has several schools:-

  • Government Post Graduate College Jaranwala[8]
  • Govt Post Graduate College for Women Jaranwala
  • Government High School Jaranwala
  • Government Islamia High School Jaranwala[9]
  • Govt Girls High School MC 1 Jaranwala
  • Govt Girls High School MC 2 Cinema Choke Jaranwala
  • Centre of Excellence Jaranwala
  • Punjab Group of Colleges Jaranwala Campus
  • Commerce College Jaranwala
  • Ripah College
  • Mian Nazir Hussain Model Secondary School
  • AW Grammar school
  • Al Raza Grammar school
  • Al-Ijaz high school Jaranwala
  • The Educators school system (city Campus or New City campus Jaranwala)
  • Allied School System[10]
  • Dare Arqam School System
  • Virtual university campus
  • The Spirit school system campus
  • The Smart school system campus
  • Al-Noor Pre-Cadet School Jaranwala
  • Sir Syed College Jaranwala
  • Faran Public School Jaranwala.
  • The Educater's School system (Jaranwala city Campus or New City campus)
  • Allied School System
  • Informatics group of colleges Jaranwala
  • Pakistan Forces Academy-Major Mumtaz Shafique


The famous industrial area of Khurrianwala is part of the Jaranwala Tehsil. Other main industries include:


Jaranwala has fertile land. It produces crops like rice, wheat, sugarcane, vegetables and fruits. Its grain market is one of the busiest markets in Punjab. It is also the biggest consumer of fertilizers by volume in Pakistan.[17]


Jaranwala is 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) from the M3 motorway interchange.[18] There are daily bus services from and to Lahore and Faisalabad. There are many trains coming from Lahore on the Shorkot–Sheikhupura Branch Line. The nearest airport is the Faisalabad International Airport, which is approximately 50 kilometres (31 mi) from the city.[19]

Main roads[edit]

There are seven main roads from Jaranwala to other cities.

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