Jardin Exotique de Monaco

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Jardin Exotique de Monaco
View on Monte Carlo as seen from the Exotic garden
TypeBotanical garden
Coordinates43°43′56″N 7°24′50″E / 43.73222°N 7.41389°E / 43.73222; 7.41389Coordinates: 43°43′56″N 7°24′50″E / 43.73222°N 7.41389°E / 43.73222; 7.41389

The Jardin Exotique de Monaco (French for "exotic garden of Monaco") is a botanical garden located on a cliffside in Monaco.


The succulent plants were brought back from Mexico in the late 1860s.[1] By 1895, Augustin Gastaud, who served as the Chief Gardener of the State Gardens of Monaco, grew the succulents in the Jardin St Martin.[1][2]

Albert I, Prince of Monaco acquired a piece of land in Les Moneghetti in 1912.[1] He commissioned Louis Notari, the Chief Engineer of Monaco, to build a new garden with footbridges.[1] During the construction, Notari found a grotto underneath in 1916.[1] Meanwhile, the garden was finished in 1933.[1] Monegasque agronomist Louis Vatrican served as its first director from 1933 to 1969.[2] He added African succulents to the existing South American plants.[2] After he retired in 1969, he was succeeded by Marcel Kroenlein.[2]

The grotto was opened to the public in 1950, but it may only be visited with specialized guides. Evidence of prehistoric human inhabitants has been found in the cave.[1] There is a museum of Prehistoric Anthropology within the Exotic Garden displaying many of those prehistoric remains.[1] It was founded by Prince Albert I in 1902.


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