Jardine, Montana

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Jardine in 1969

Jardine is a small, unincorporated village in Park County, Montana, USA. The town lies just to the north of Gardiner on inactive travertine terraces, much like those at Mammoth Hot Springs in nearby Yellowstone National Park. The town's chief industry was a gold mine.[1] The community has the name of A. C. Jardine, a businessperson in the mining industry.[2]

Prospector Joe Brown discovered placer gold near the townsite in 1892. Jardine Mining Co. consolidated mining activity in 1917, and by 1943, had produced 4,403 kg of gold, 347,000 kg of tungsten, and 5,722,000 kg of arsenic.[3]


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Coordinates: 45°04′12″N 110°38′04″W / 45.07000°N 110.63444°W / 45.07000; -110.63444