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Jardine Motors Group
IndustryVehicle Retailer
ProductsNew Cars, Used Cars, Servicing
Revenue$5.128 Billion

Jardine Motors Group, is a multi-national operator of franchised motorcar dealerships in the United Kingdom with international outlets in Hong Kong, Macau and China.[1] Jardine Motors Group market their vehicles under a series of brands worldwide including Zung Fu, Lancaster and Scotthall, and the worldwide group net profit, for the year ended 30 April 2012, was US$61 Million,[2] based on revenue of US$5.128 Billion.[3]

The company is a part of Jardine Matheson and is headquartered at Quarry Bay, Hong Kong.[2]

Jardine Motors UK[edit]

Jardine Motors UK was created in 1981 when Jardine Matheson acquired a stake in the East Anglian motor company; Lancaster Group, from its founders Ronald and Nicholas Lancaster.[4]

Jardine Motors UK was at one stage the largest UK automotive group by turnover,[5] but today has fallen behind rivals such as Pendragon[6] and Sytner[6] and is now one of the top 10. In 2014, Jardine Motors UK turned over £1.5 billion[6]


Lancaster Group was established in 1969 when Ronald and Nicholas Lancaster took control of a Ford Dealership in Ongar, Essex, where Nick had been working.[7] By 1981 Lancaster were running Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Ferrari and Volvo dealerships in East Anglia, and Hong Kong-based Jardine Matheson purchased a 76% holding in the company.[4] The company was floated on the stock market as Lancaster plc in 1986.[8] Jardine took total ownership of Lancaster plc in 1992. Nicholas Lancaster left the business to run Malaya Group plc, which would purchase H.R. Owen in 1994.[7]

During the 1990s the company made a series of acquisitions including the purchase of a Land Rover/Rover Dealership in Stratford, London from Malaya Group in 1994,[9] Wiggins BMW Winchester in January 1995,[10] Polar Motors in February 1995,[9] Kent-based Loxley KJ in October 1995,[9] BPW Group in April 1997[11] and Appleyard Group in October 1997.[12] The merger with Appleyard resulted in Jardine becoming the largest UK dealer group that year.[5]

By the end of 1998, Jardine announced a joint venture with the manufacturer for its Ford dealerships,[13] a venture which by the end of January the following year had purchased Dagenham Motors.[14] In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Jardine struggled to integrate the Appleyard businesses and saw profits slide,[15][16] but acquisitions soon resumed. Polar Ford purchased three North London dealerships from Stripestar in May 2002[17] and Alperton Ford in February 2003,[18] before Jardine sold their 51% stake in the joint venture to Ford Retail Group in March 2004.[19]

Jardine posted strong results for 2005[20] and continued its expansion with new dealership openings such as Lamborghini in Reading[21] and McLaren in One Hyde Park in London[22] and by purchase of existing dealers from others; e.g. Milcars BMW in 2003,[23] Marshall Honda in Reading in 2006,[24] Pilling Land Rover in Welwyn Garden City,[25] Merritts Jaguar in Amersham[26] in 2010, the Wayside Group in 2011[27] and five Toyota and Lexus sites in 2012.[28][29]


Jardine Motors UK today have 70 sales and service locations across the UK[30] representing Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Honda, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Land Rover, Lexus, Maserati, McLaren, Mercedes Benz, MINI, Porsche, SEAT, Skoda, Smart, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Volvo.[31]

Although some dealerships historically operated under a variety of brands including Scotthall, Appleyard, Minories, Abridge and Clover Leaf Cars, all dealerships now operate under either the Jardine, Lancaster or Wayside brands.

Zung Fu Company[edit]

Zung Fu Company Limited (仁孚行有限公司) was acquired by Jardine's in the 1970s,[32] having originally been established in Hong Kong in the early 1950s.[33]

Hong Kong[edit]

Zung Fu brought the first Mercedes Benz vehicle to Hong Kong in 1954[34] and opened their first showroom the following year.[33] Since then Zung Fu have operated as the exclusive retailer for the brand in the region.[33]

Zung Fu operations in Hong Kong now include three sales dealerships[35] and six Service Centres[36] representing Mercedes Benz, Smart[1] and, through Hyundai Hong Kong Co. Ltd;[37] two Hyundai showrooms[38] and a service centre.[39]


Through Zung Fu Motors (Macau) Ltd.[40] the group operate a Mercedes Benz showroom[41] and Mercedes Benz Service Centre,[42] both in Taipa.


Zung Fu (China) set up its first repair workshops in mainland China in 1986,[34] at a time when the country was not seen as a market for luxury vehicles and when the operations of foreign companies, such as Zung Fu, were restricted by the government.[34] Building on the existing Mercedes Benz relationship, an authorised Service Centre was opened in Shenzhen in 1993,[34] but government restrictions still prevented from operating sales dealerships in the country.

China joined the World Trade Organisation in November 2001,[43] one of the conditions of which was that foreign companies would be treated the same as Chinese companies.[43] This paved the way for Zung Fu to open their first sales dealership in Guangzhou in 2001,[34] quickly followed by the first dealership in Sichuan province, located in Chengdu.[34]

As of 2012, Zung Fu Mercedes Benz operations total fourteen dealerships, ten further showrooms and a service centre, with the group also operating two Smart dealerships.[1] Between 2008 and 2010, Zung Fu’s car sales grew from 5,448 to 16,292, and net profit increased by US$19.9 million to US$37.5 million.[44]

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