Jared Allman

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Jared Allman
Born (1984-06-08) June 8, 1984 (age 32)
Wichita Falls, Texas
Nationality American
Alma mater Tusculum College
Occupation Actor
Years active 2004 - Present
Notable work "Scenes from a Gay Marriage" "More Scenes from a Gay Marriage" "Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys: Nashville"
Website http://www.jaredallman.com/

Jared Allman is an American born Actor. He attended the University of Tennessee earning his bachelor's degree in business from Tusculum College.

Early and personal life[edit]

Allman’s father was in the Air Force during his early childhood, and as a result, he and his family relocated often. They eventually settled on a farm in Tennessee when Allman was 12. Allman comments, “I would always dream about getting away from the farm. I didn’t want to work in a sewing factory and do the whole family and kids thing.”[1]

During his time at Tusculum, Allman came out to his family when he was 22. “It was almost life and death for me. I felt very isolated, alone, and empty. Like anyone who feels those feelings you start thinking the unthinkable,” he said in an interview with The Advocate.[2] Following college graduation, Allman’s first job was in the music business doing merchandise for a variety of touring artists. He later worked with WME talent agency in Nashville before leaving his position to pursue a career as an actor.[3][4]

Allman is a former member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.[5]


Director Matt Riddlehoover has worked with Allman on numerous films, including West Hollywood Motel and Scenes from a Gay Marriage. Allman reprising his role as "Joe" in the sequel, More Scenes from a Gay Marriage. In 2014, Allman co-starred in the feature film Les Wolf and King Simon.[4][better source needed]

In television, Allman has appeared in several country music videos and documentary series on the Travel Channel and Disney Channel.[citation needed] He made an appearance in season two of the Sundance Channel's reality series, Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys.[6]


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