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Jared A. Sorensen is one of the role playing game industry's indie game founding fathers.


Jared Sorensen was a member of The Forge, and later became an indie publisher.[1]:407 Sorensen's mini-supplement Schism for Adept Press' Sorcerer was published as a PDF in 2001.[1]:407 Sorensen designed the humorous ghost-busting RPG InSpectres (2002).[1]:407 The Indie RPG Awards' Most Innovative Game award went to Sorensen's Lacuna (2006).[1]:424

His Memento Mori Theatricks site has been the host to over a dozen little games.

His most famous games include InSpectres, octaNe, and Lacuna Part I.

He was also the co-founder of Wicked Dead Brewing Company with John Wick.[1]:430

From 1997–2007, Jared worked for a number of computer game companies in San Francisco and the Greater Boston Area, including PF. Magic, Mattel Interactive, LucasArts, Tilted Mill Entertainment and Turbine. In September 2007, Jared was hired as a Senior Game Design at Hidden City Games. In 2010 he published FreeMarket, co-designed with Luke Crane and licensed through Hidden City Games. A year before, in 2009, he published the first of live-action text adventure game Parsely series, Action Castle. It was followed by seven additional games.

He worked at Plyfe as the VP of Games.[2]

Jared Sorensen is also listed on the development team of 2012's Torchbearer (by Thor Olavsrud and Luke Crane, published by Burning Wheel).

During Cambridge Science Week in April 2016, Sorensen hosted a large-scale game of Space Station at the Boston Museum of Science's Charles Hayden Planetarium.[3] 200 players explored the confines of a doomed space station undergoing bombardment by malevolent aliens. The game featured ambient sound and 360° graphics projected onto the planetarium dome.


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