Jared Warren

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Jared Warren
Instruments Bass
Associated acts Karp, Big Business, Melvins, Tight Bros from Way Back When, The Whip, White Shit

Jared Warren is the bassist of both Big Business[1] (alongside drummer Coady Willis and guitarist Scott Martin) and The Melvins. Both Warren and Willis joined The Melvins in January 2006 and appear on (A) Senile Animal as well as 2008's Nude With Boots and 2010's album The Bride Screamed Murder. He is currently the longest serving bassist for the band. He was previously a member of bands Karp, Tight Bros From Way Back When [2] White Shit and The Whip.[3] He also contributed vocals to the song "Breaking Rocks" on the album "Forging Steel and Laying Stone" by Akimbo.

Select discography[edit]


  • 1994 – Mustaches Wild
  • 1995 – Suplex
  • 1997 – Self Titled LP

Tight Bros from Way Back When[edit]

  • 1999 – Running Thru My Bones
  • 2001 – Lend You a Hand

Big Business[edit]