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Jaren train station, Gran, Norway, 2008-06-06.jpg
Location JarenGran
Coordinates 60°23′35″N 10°33′21″E / 60.392975°N 10.555758°E / 60.392975; 10.555758Coordinates: 60°23′35″N 10°33′21″E / 60.392975°N 10.555758°E / 60.392975; 10.555758
Elevation 207.2 m (680 ft) AMSL
Operated by NSB Gjøvikbanen
Line(s) Gjøvik Line
Distance 71.92 km (44.69 mi)
Platforms 2
Connections Bus: Opplandstrafikk
Opened 20 December 1900

Jaren Station (Norwegian: Jaren stasjon) is a railway station located at Jaren in Oppland, Norway. The station is the terminus for the Oslo Commuter Rail, but is also served by regional trains that continue to Gjøvik. Both services are provided by NSB Gjøvikbanen.


The station was opened in 1900 as a station on the North Line between Grefsen and Røykenvik. In 1902 the extension from Jaren to Gjøvik was finished, and the line changed name to the Gjøvik Line. The branch line to Røykenvik too the name Røykenvik Line. The branch was abandoned in 1957.

The restaurant was taken over by Norsk Spisevognselskap on 15 January 1930, but was privatized again from 15 October 1944.[1]


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