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Jariiban is located in Somalia
Location in Somalia.
Coordinates: 7°13′N 48°51′E / 7.217°N 48.850°E / 7.217; 48.850Coordinates: 7°13′N 48°51′E / 7.217°N 48.850°E / 7.217; 48.850
Country  Somalia  Puntland
Region Mudug
District Jariban
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)
Climate BWh

Jariban (Somali: Jaribaan, Arabic: جاريبان‎‎) is a town in the north-central Mudug region of Somalia. It is the center of the Jariban District. It is administered by Puntland state.


Jariban has a population of approximately 20,000 inhabitants. The broader Jariban District has a total population of 39,207 residents.[1]


In October 2014, the Puntland government in conjunction with the local Kaalo NGO and UN-HABITAT launched a new regional census to gather basic information in order to facilitate social service planning and development, as well as tax collection in remote areas. According to senior Puntland officials, a similar survey was already carried out in towns near the principal Garowe–Bosaso Highway. The new census initiative is slated to begin in the Jariban District, in addition to the Bayla District and Eyl District.[2]


Jariban has a number of academic institutions. According to the Puntland Ministry of Education, there are 7 primary schools in the Jariban District. Among these are Sallax, Labilamane, Kulub and Jariban Primary.[3] Secondary schools in the area include Jariban Secondary.[4]


In 2012, the Puntland Highway Authority (PHA) announced a project to connect Jariban and other littoral towns in Puntland to the main regional highway.[5] The 750 km thoroughfare links major cities in the northern part of Somalia, such as Bosaso, Galkayo and Garowe, with towns in the south.[6]


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