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Jarinjë is located in Kosovo
Coordinates: 43°12′27″N 20°43′0″E / 43.20750°N 20.71667°E / 43.20750; 20.71667Coordinates: 43°12′27″N 20°43′0″E / 43.20750°N 20.71667°E / 43.20750; 20.71667
Location Kosovo[a]

Jarinje (Albanian: Jarinjë, Serbian Cyrillic: Јариње, pronounced [jǎriːɲɛ]) is a village in northern Kosovo.[a] The administrative crossing between Kosovo and Central Serbia is located in the village.

Administrative crossing[edit]

Jarinje is the location of one of the NATO-staffed border checkpoints between Central Serbia and Kosovo. In February 2008, the border was sealed by NATO troops after ethnic Serbs ransacked and set fire to the border checkpoints at Jarinje and Brnjak.[1] The area saw further clashes in July 2011.[2] Serbia has appointed guards and customs agents to work at the border. The 2013 Brussels Agreement made them permanent.[3]

Notes and references[edit]

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