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Jarno Sarkula performing with Alamaailman Vasarat

Jarno Sarkula is a Finnish musician and one-time TV-personality. In the music-business he is known as a member of the underground-band Alamaailman Vasarat, he also became known as a TV-persona on the free cable-channel MoonTV. Sarkula started out as the host of PC game-oriented shows such as PC-Peliluola (PC "Game Cave", a name for an arcade), his best known program, and the in-depth gaming show PC-Planeetta (PC-Planet) which was split from the show Game Planet, after it was divided into two shows.

He also hosted the show Damage which dealt with DVD-releases and was one of the last 15-minute shows on the channel.

On screen Sarkula went by the name Kreivi Stakula (Count Stakula) which went hand-in-hand with the gothic look of the show. Despite his unshakable demeanor Sarkula entertained audiences with his verbal acrobatics which often had gothic undertones and even by doing skits relating to games he was reviewing (while reviewing Serious Sam he did an imitation of the Headless Screaming creatures in the game). Sarkula quickly became one of the channel's best liked hosts. The name Stakula was originally a goof on the part of a French stage-manager who misspelled Sarkula's name when he was touring with Alamaailman Vasarat. The name stuck and Sarkula would often go by this alias in almost all of the shows he hosted. After the end of MoonTV however Sarkula did not follow his fellow hosts by going to work on other channels (like YLE, MTV3, Nelonen or SubTV) but instead decided to concentrate on his musical career.

Stakula made several guest-appearances on the Game Review-show Play (sharing a title with a show which aired on MoonTV) on Nelonen which was hosted and maintained by his former MoonTV co-workers Thomas Puha, Miika Huttunen and Elias Poutanen.

He owns Stakula OY Audio Visual productions.

In 2014 Sarkula moved to Berlin and started working on solo album.

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