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Jarosław Kukowski (born 11 April 1972 in Tczew) Polish contemporary painter dealing with moral and social issues in a controversial manner.[1] His works were displayed in The Department of The National Museum ”Królikarnia”, Salons of the Auction House Rempex, "Gallery BP", Gallery "Tamka", "Gallery SD", "Gallery Bellotto"- in Warsaw; Museum of Galicia, Bunker of Art, Gallery "Turlej Foundation"- in Kraków; Voergaard Castle, Gallery Herning, Gallery Kolding - in Denmark; Art Expo in New York City, and many other galleries and museums. The majority of Kukowski’s paintings were catalogued in the albums published by the auction houses, galleries and publishing houses.

In the early stage of his artistic career the climate of his works, regarded as symbolic ones, is filled with drama and sadness. Full of pain, deformed human figures along with mystic creatures are depicted against the background of surrealistic landscapes. This series of works was defined as Udreams by its author. During another period Kukowski definitely enlightened his palette; the artist became interested in nudes, nevertheless even here a viewer can perceive the brand of disintegration and passing time. These works were painted in a form of frescos being destroyed by time and revealing other pictures looking as if they had been painted behind them. In another stage of his artistic career, Kukowski moved back to his early works, but despite fairer coloring, his works were becoming more and more ironic and provocative. In 2001 some of Kukowski's works were removed from the exhibition in The Gallery SD due to resentment of the audience. The most important series of his works are: Undreams, Dreams and Frescos. Kukowski also created animations presenting the artistic process of his painting.


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