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The Cité des Arts du Cirque on Jarry Street.

Rue Jarry (French: rue Jarry) is a street on the Island of Montreal which stretches from Boulevard de l'Acadie in the west to Boulevard Ray-Lawson to the east. It is named for settler Bernard Bleignier dit Jarry.

The street is nearly entirely served by the bus route 193 Jarry. A metro station (Jarry Station) is located at the intersection with Berri Street.

The street is home to the Cité des Arts du Cirque, a circus training centre and headquarters for the Cirque du Soleil.

Little Italy[edit]

The street has a very Italian-Canadian feel to it once it enters the borough of St. Leonard, where it is locally known as Città Italiana.

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Coordinates: 45°32′34″N 73°37′44″W / 45.542898°N 73.629025°W / 45.542898; -73.629025