Jaslyk Prison

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Jaslyk Prison
Jaslyk Prison is located in Uzbekistan
Jaslyk Prison
Jaslyk Prison
Coordinates 44°01′05″N 57°31′38″E / 44.018142°N 57.527329°E / 44.018142; 57.527329

Jaslyk Prison is a detention facility in Karakalpakstan in north-west Uzbekistan where human rights activists and ex-inmates allege that torture is widespread.[1][2] Former prisoners include Muzafar Avazov, who was allegedly boiled to death.[3]

The prison, officially known by the codename UYa 64/71, is located in a former Soviet military base once used for testing chemical warfare protection equipment. It was established in 1999.[4] The prison was opened to contain thousands of people arrested following bombings in the capital, Tashkent, and as of 2012 held 5-7,000 people according to HRW.[2]


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