Jasmine: The Battle for the Mid-Realm

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Jasmine: The Battle for the Mid-Realm is a fantasy-themed card game, designed and introduced in 1982 by Jasmine Publications' founder Darlene Pekul. It was based on the Story of Jasmine illustrated adventure published in Dragon Magazine from issue #37 through #48.

Each game was sold as a complete limited-edition set of 112 cards, along with a rules fold-out. Each set was numbered and signed by the designer. Two to four players could play the game, and each was assigned a faction in the story. The object is to either be the first to collect three magic items inside that player's Castle or to have the last standing Castle in the game. Although it has some similarities to modern collectible card games - with game features like turn, play, event, combat and discard - players cannot customize their own deck. Each player always plays the same set of cards.

The game won the Strategist's Club Award in 1982 as "Most Outstanding Game".[1] Jasmine was reviewed in the January 1983 issue Dragon Magazine.[2]


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