Jasmine Dellal

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Jasmine Dellal
Born Jasmine Dellal
United Kingdom
Occupation Film director, producer, screenwriter, film editor
Parent(s) Jack Dellal
Website http://www.littledust.com/ Little Dust Productions: The Official Site
Jasmine Dellal's Movie Gypsy Caravan
Origin UK, US, India
Website [1]

Jasmine Dellal is a British-born film director and producer.

Early life[edit]

The daughter of property developer "Black Jack" Dellal, Jasmine was born and raised in Great Britain, studied in the United States and has often visited India, where her grandmother lives. She speaks Spanish, French, and English. She received her bachelor's degree in French and Spanish language & literature from Balliol College, Oxford University.[1] In 1993, Dellal completed a master's degree in Journalism at the University of California at Berkeley, where she studied under the Marlon Riggs[2]


In the 1990s, while based in San Francisco, Dellal founded Little Dust Productions, to make documentaries and artistic films with a social conscience. She has since moved to New York and London. She is particularly recognized for her work with Roma ("Gypsy" people).[3]


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