Jason (multi-agent systems development platform)

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Stable release 1.4.1 / August 6, 2014; 11 months ago (2014-08-06)
Development status Active
Written in Java
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Multi-agent system framework
License GNU LGPL
Website jason.sourceforge.net

Jason is a platform for the development of multi-agent systems. An extension of the AgentSpeak agent-oriented programming language is used to program the behaviour of individual agents. Jason is developed in Java and allows the customisation of most aspects of an agent or a multi-agent system. It comes as a plugin for either jEdit or Eclipse, and different infra-structures for the deployment of a multi-agent system, for example using JADE or SACI as an agent-based distributed system middleware. See [1] and the external links below for a detailed account of the Jason platform. Jason is an open source software and is distributed under GNU LGPL.[2]

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