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For the Canadian 2002 Commonwealth boxing champion, see Jason Douglas (boxer).
Jason Douglas
Born Arkansas
Occupation Voice Actor/Actor
Notable credit(s) One Piece as Kuzan
Fairy Tail as Gildart Clive

Jason Douglas (born in Arkansas) is a Texas-based American actor best known for his appearances as ‘Tobin’ in seasons 5 and 6 of AMC’s The Walking Dead[1][2] and as ‘Dashell Brinks’ on ABC’s Nashville. He is also noted for his appearances in both studio and independent feature films including Sin City,[3] Parkland, Two Step,[4] and the Academy Award-winning No Country for Old Men.

Douglas is also a prolific voice-actor, having contributed lead and supporting performances to numerous anime and video game titles including, most notably, ‘Beerus’ in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods[5] and ‘Krieg the Psycho’ in Borderlands 2.[6]


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