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Jason Gaverick Matheny is a Program Manager at the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity. He previously worked for the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University, where his work focused on existential risks,[1] the World Bank, the Center for Biosecurity, the Center for Global Development, the Applied Physics Laboratory, and on national security projects for the US government. He holds a PhD in Applied Economics from Johns Hopkins University, an MPH from Johns Hopkins, an MBA from Duke University, and a BA from the University of Chicago.

He has published on biotechnology, neurotechnology, risk analysis, demography, economics, and bioethics.[2] He was the cofounder of New Harvest, which supports the development of new agricultural biotechnologies. His work was called one of the "ideas of the year" by The New York Times and has been featured in The Washington Post, Nature, The Economist, Scientific American, NOVA, and Wired, among others.


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