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Jason Heinrichs (born December 7, 1970 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada) is a musical producer[1] who works with many bands and artists. He plays piano, guitar, and drums in many of his productions.

Jason Heinrichs engineered the Lucy Ford album put out by the hip hop group Atmosphere under the name Anomaly. He has produced and remixed many other Minneapolis locals with his studio Satori Sounds. His most current group is called Roomsa with his partner Lady Sarah. Roomsa has been featured on many compilations including Sneak, Gene Farris, and Miguel Migs. Their songs have been picked up by labels such as Farris Wheel, Salted Music ("Sunrise"), and Aphrodisio. Aphrodisio released their full length CD called "Oceans" on March 9, 2007. The songs on the album vary from Down tempo and House music. Jason Heinrichs is also a DJ spinning a variety of electronic music in Minneapolis and other cities.



  1. “November Jazz” - featured on DJ Sneak’s “House of OM” OM Records - 2005 Jason Heinrichs
  2. “The Sunrise EP” - Salted Music 2004 Roomsa Feat. Lady Sarah w/ JT Donaldson (”Sunrise” - released on Miguel Migs mix CD “24th St. Sounds” on NRK & on the “Beached” compilation on OM Records)
  3. “This Girl” - Aphrodisio Recordings 2004 Roomsa Feat. Lady Sarah w/ Kaskade
  4. “Tatiana” - Aphrodisio Recordings 2004 Roomsa Feat. Lady Sarah w/ Miguel Migs
  5. “Stuff Like That” - Aphrodisio Records 2004 Roomsa Feat. Lady Sarah w/ Johnny Fiasco
  6. “Tonight” - Farris Wheel Records 2000 Roomsa Feat. Lady Sarah w/ Glenn Underground
  7. “Reason Why” - Farris Wheel Records 2003 Roomsa Feat. Lady Sarah
  8. “Dance All Night”- Farris Wheel Records 2002 Jason Heinrichs Feat. Lady Sarah w/ Rasoul
  9. “Contaminated” & “Square D” Groove Garden 2000 “Varietals Vol. 1” Compilation
  10. “Howle’s Book” - CD &12” EP - Groove Garden Records 1998 Anomaly (Jason Heinrichs) Featuring: Slug, Eye-Dea, DJ Abilities, DJ Andrew
  11. “Savior” – Anticon Records 1998 “Anticon Presents:Music for the Advancement of Hip Hop” Featuring: Slug/Eye-Dea/ Sole
  12. “Sidewalk’s End” & “Done” – Groove Garden Records 1997 “Freeloaded Wednesdays” Compilation - Anomaly (Jason Heinrichs)
  13. "Oceans" -Roomsa featuring Jason Heinrichs and Lady Sarah - Aphrodisio Records 2007


  1. “Sanctified Love” - Defected Records 2004 Gene Farris Feat. Lady Sarah & Roomsa
  2. “Black Satin” - Soma Records 2003 Gene Farris Feat. Lady Sarah & Roomsa
  3. “Colab” - Groove Garden Records 2002 Anomaly (Jason Heinrichs) & Booker B.
  4. “City Lights” - No Alternative Records 2001 Dylan Hicks
  5. “In Definition” - Peak Records 2001 Cenospecies feat: P.O.S. of Doomtree
  6. “Claude Debussy” – No Alternative Records 1998 Dylan Hicks

As Re-mixer/Engineer[edit]

  1. “Groove With Me” - Vino Recordings 2005 Jevne Feat: FourFeet (Jason Heinrichs remix)
  2. “Lucy Ford –Ford One” - Rhymesayers 2001 Atmosphere
  3. “Rebellion EP” - Black Corners 2000 Raw Villa
  4. “Conflict & Compromise” - Interlock 1999


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