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Jason Hoyte
Born New Zealand
Occupation Actor
Years active 1998-present

Jason Hoyte is a New Zealand screen and voice actor, with at least 25 television shows to his credit. He is best known for his roles as Steve Mudgeway in Seven Periods with Mr Gormsby and Malcolm "Smudge" in Nothing Trivial. He is also known for starring in the film The Insatiable Moon. Jason Hoyte is also a radio host on Radio Hauraki's drive-time show 'Daily Bhuja' with Leigh and Jase from 4pm - 6.30pm weekdays.


Hoyte won acclaim for his portrayal of an untrustworthy, but politically correct guidance counsellor, Steve Mudgeway in the comedy Seven Periods with Mr Gormsby. He has also narrated for New Zealand reality shows City Beat, Coastwatch, Dog Squad and Animal House.

Has won a Billy T. comedy award and a Chapman Tripp Theatre award as part of 90s comedy duo Sugar & Spice (alongside Jonathan Brough).

He was nominated at the New Zealand Film and TV Awards for his acting in short film Beautiful.



Year Title Role Notes
1996 Xena: Warrior Princess Timus "Warrior... Princess" (S01E15)
1996 Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Scarred Lieutenant "Let the Games Begin" (S02E16)
1997 Xena: Warrior Princess Athenian #1 "The Price" (S02E20)
1997 Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Skell "Regrets... I've Had a Few" (S04E03)
1998 Young Hercules Hephaestus "Keeping Up with the Jasons" (S01E08)
"Cyrano de Hercules" (S01E10)
"Forgery" (S01E13)
"Ares on Trial" (S01E15)
"Down and Out in Academy Hills" (S01E16)
1999 Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Hephaestus "Love, Amazon Style" (S06E02)
2000 Xena: Warrior Princess Hephaestus "Looking Death in the Eye" (S05E19)
2002 Mataku unknown "Going to War" (S01E03)
2003 Power Rangers Ninja Storm Copybot (voice) "Beauty and the Beach" (S11E03)
2004 Power Rangers Dino Thunder Donkeyvac (voice) "Legacy of Power" (S12E04)
"Back in Black" (S12E05)
"Diva in Distress" (S12E06)
"Game On" (S12E07)
"Golden Boy" (S12E08)
2004 The Adventures of Massey Ferguson" Max Tractor, Rusty and Beaut the Ute (Voices) 2005 Power Rangers S.P.D. Valko (voice) "Wired: Part 1" (S13E14)
"Wired: Part 2" (S13E15)
2005 Power Rangers S.P.D. Icthior (voice) "Badge" (S13E33)
2005-2006 Seven Periods with Mr Gormsby Steve Mudgeway Main role
2005 Outrageous Fortune Franklin "Corky" Corke "Slings and Arrows" (S01E01)
"The Cause of This Defect" (S01E04)
"To Be Honest As This World Goes" (S01E12)
2006 Power Rangers Mystic Force Fightoe (voice) "Dark Wish: Part 1" (S14E18)
"Dark Wish: Part 2" (S14E19)
"Dark Wish: Part 3" (S14E20)
2006 Moon TV Himself / Various characters Series regular, unknown episodes
2006 Shortland Street John Markson Guest role, unknown episodes
2007 Outrageous Fortune Franklin "Corky" Corke "Put the Strong Law on Him" (S03E06)
"The Corrupted Currents of This World" (S03E21)
2008 Shortland Street John Grainger Guest role, unknown episodes
2008 Power Rangers Jungle Fury Cable Guy / Cheese McAllister "Don't Blow That Dough" (S16E26)
2009 Diplomatic Immunity Brother Jacob "Love My Way" (S01E04)
2009 Legend of the Seeker Gwildor "Mirror" (S01E18)
2009 Power Rangers RPM Mr. McAllistair "Ranger Blue" (S17E10)
2009 The Jaquie Brown Diaries Sandy "Brownward Spiral" (S02E07)
"Educating Jaquie" (S02E08)
2011 Ice Harold Episode 1
2011 The Almighty Johnsons Detective Turner "This Is Not Washing Powder, My Friend" (S01E05)
2011 Underbelly NZ: Land of the Long Green Cloud Pat Booth "All At Sea" (Episode 3)
"Marty/Party" (Episode 4)
"Dominos" (Episode 5)
"Thirty of Silver/One of Gold" (Episode 6)
2011-2014 Nothing Trivial Smudge Series regular, 27 episodes
2014-2015 Late Night Big Breakfast Jason Hoyte All episodes


Year Title Role Notes
2002 Beautiful Kev Short film
2007 We're Here to Help Steve Arnett Drama
2009 I Was the DJ Barry Plugg Short film
2010 Spies and Lies Martini Drama
2010 Stolen DS Peter Burt Based on true story
2010 The Insatiable Moon Kevin Drama
2014 What We Do in the Shadows Julian Comedy / Horror

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