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Jason Hsu
Chinese name 許孟哲 (traditional)
Chinese name 许孟哲 (simplified)
Pinyin Xǔ Mèngzhe (Mandarin)
Born (1985-07-27) July 27, 1985 (age 31)
Other name(s) Little elephant, Jason
Occupation singer, model, actor, host, ice hockey player
Genre(s) Mandopop
Label(s) Warner Music
Jungiery Star
Years active 2002-present
Associated acts 5566

Jason Hsu (born on July 27,1985)is a Taiwanese singer, actor and ice hockey player. He is a member of the Taiwanese boyband 5566.

Personal life[edit]

On July.27,1985, Jason Hsu was born in a wealthy family. His father is a very wealthy businessman. He has an elder sister.

He dated co-star Angela Chang during My MVP Valentine.


Art career[edit]

Sport career[edit]

Hsu is a keen ice hockey player.



Chinese Title English Title (it should be noted that
most C-Pop releases have a Chinese title
and an English title)
MVP 情人 電視原聲帶 My MVP Valentine OST
一光年 1st Album First album - 2002
西街少年 電視原聲帶 Westside Story
摯愛 Boyfriend Second album - 2004
紫禁之巔 電視原聲帶 Top Of The Forbidden City OST
最棒冠軍精選 C'est Si Bon Featured
格鬥天王 電視原聲帶 Mr. Fighting OST
《愛的奇蹟 喬傑立巨星最紅偶像劇情歌精選》 Love Miracle I - Compilation Of J-star's Best OST Songs Featured
好久不見 Long Time No See Third studio album - 2005
《愛的奇蹟II 跳舞吧! Love Miracle II - Come On Party!
《愛的奇蹟III 搖滾萬歲》 Love Miracle III - I Love Rock And Roll
《我愛56 - 傳說再現5年極精選》 I Love 56 - Retelling The First 5 Years Most highly featured
櫻野三加一 電視原聲帶 Ying Ye 3+1 OST
喝采 Bravo Fourth studio album - 2008


Year Chinese Title Title Role Network
2002 麻辣鮮師 Spicy Teacher Li Meng Zhe (李孟哲) CTS
MVP 情人 My MVP Valentine D.J. SET TV
2003 西街少年 Westside Story Feng Ye San
2004 千金百分百 100% Senorita Meng Zhe Lin CTS & SET TV
愛上千金美眉 In Love with a Rich Girl Yi Wei Zhe TTV
2005 Big Bear Doctor Qiao Xiao Zhe
2006 None Captain Barbell Cyborg 5566 GMA Network
住左邊住右邊 Taipei Family Himself/Guest PTS & SET TV
2007 食神 Shi Shen JASO CTS
櫻野3加1 Ying Ye 3 Jia 1 Wang Dao Ren/Bulu TTV & SET TV
2010 家有四千金 Jia You Si Qian Jin Pang Da Jing (龐大鯨) TTV
2011 幸福裡的愛情 33 Gu Shi Guan: Xing Fu Li De Ai Qing Pei Sheng STV