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Jason Itzler (born February 23, 1967)[1] is an American entrepreneur, attorney, and the founder of New York Confidential LLC.

Early life[edit]

Jason Lubell Itzler was born Jason Lubell Sylk[2][2] the only son of Ronnie Lubell and Leonard Allen Sylk.[2][2] Following his parents divorce, Itzler moved to New York with his mother, who he cites as his greatest inspiration.[2] She died from cancer in 1994.[2] Another big influence for Jason growing up was his mother's father, Nathan Lubell, who was a founding partner in the Riviera (hotel and casino) in Las Vegas. He also owned an amusement park in Coney Island for his 4 young daughters to enjoy.[2] Jason's mother eventually remarried Ron Itzler,[2] a then prominent lawyer in the firm of Fischbein, Badillo, Wagner, and Itzler, and so the family moved to the suburbs of New Jersey. Growing up, Jason attended a number of private schools, including the Elisabeth Morrow School, the Dwight-Englewood School, the Hotchkiss School, and Tenafly High School. Jason spent many of his evenings at the New York Friars Club, and summers in the Catskills, where he worked as a cabana boy at the Concord Hotel.[2] Jason graduated from The George Washington University with degrees in Political Science and Art History. He was also a member of the fraternity, Zeta Beta Tau.[citation needed] In 1993 Jason Itzler graduated from Nova Law School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with a (J.D.) Juris Doctor degree.

Business ventures[edit]

In the late 80s, Itzler, entered Nova Southeastern University, a law school in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. While there he started a phone sex operation called M2 Communications, Inc., where he would charge $4.98-a-minute, and soon become a young millionaire. The company averaged $1,500,000 a month.[2] Due to his mother's untimely death he abandoned his business and was eventually forced to declare bankruptcy in 1997.[2] His next company was called SoHo Models. Jason rented an 8,000-square-foot loft on the corner of Canal and Broadway in New York City to be one of the first companies to supply Webcam porn.

New York Confidential[edit]

Jason Itzler started New York Confidential, an online escort service that invented the $2,000/hr Girlfriend Experience (GFE) in 2003, while he lived on Washington Street in Hoboken, New Jersey.[2] New York Confidential was run out of Itzler's Art Deco apartment in Hoboken.[2] The company was doing well and the office was moved to a 5000 sq ft. loft at 79 Worth Street in Manhattan.[2] In 2004 Itzler was averaging a gross of $55,000 a night.[2] "That's because we were the best," said Itzler. "At NY Confidential, I told my girls that the pressure is on them because we have to provide the clients with the greatest single experience ever, a Kodak moment to treasure for the rest of their lives. Spreading happiness, positive energy, and love,that's what being the best means to me. Call me a dreamer, but that's the NY Confidential credo." [2] It was this attention to detail and customer satisfaction that made the group successful, attracting a wide array of clients, including senators and famous athletes.[2] There were even talks of franchising Confidentials in other cities, such as Las Vegas.[2]

Personal life[edit]

Itzler is Jewish and has been engaged 7 times.[2] He has dated his own girls including the number one escort Natalie McLennan, known as Natalia.[2] Natalia made as much as $2,000 per hour with a two-hour minimum working as an escort at New York Confidential.[2] Asked if the work affected her relationship with Itzler, Natalia says he would sometimes get jealous of the time she spent away from him, but not of the men.[2] It would only bother him if she slept with another man for free.[2] In 2010, Natalia pleaded guilty to a charge of attempted money laundering in connection to New York Confidential.[3]Itzler has Hanuman and "Super Lucky" tattooed on his arms since the early 90's.[4]

Media Attention[edit]

Itzler has been featured on The View (U.S. TV series),[5] He appeared several times on The Opie & Anthony show, including phoning in from prison. He also appeared as guest star twice on The Howard Stern Show.


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