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Jason Margolis is a Canadian filmmaker and writer. He is supervising producer and writer on The Electric Playground, a tech and entertainment series seen on television in Canada, United States and Australia.[1] His directing work includes the television series Tube Tales: TV's Real Stories, the documentary Ayaa: A Hero's Journey and the feature film Lucky Stars.[2] He won the National Screen Institute's Totally Television award for creating the comedy series Uncorked with filmmaker Rob Wenzek[3] and the BC Film Kickstart Award for his short film After Shock. His screenplay The Great One (formerly titled 99), co-authored with Todd Babiak, won a Praxis Screenwriting Fellowship.[4] His motion picture editing work includes the documentaries Inside Boystown and K-9 Corrections, several television series, and the feature film Crossing. As an instructor, Jason taught writing and directing at Vancouver Film School, and as a journalist, his work has appeared in Vancouver Magazine and Vue Weekly.