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Jason Nett is a Canadian composer, producer, and guitarist born in New Westminster, British Columbia. He was the resident composer for the Vancouver Island Symphony.[1] He also works as a producer and performs internationally.[2]

Jason Nett's commissioned works are frequently performed in Vancouver's "classical" community by orchestras,[3] chamber ensembles, choirs etc.(listed below). Nett fuses the classical styles of composers like Bach and Beethoven[4] with influences from Rock and Jazz. Nett's music integrates an emphasis on vibrant rhythm in many of his works.[5] About his Vancouver Island commissioned work, Sonic Blue, Jason Nett says, "The piece is very up-tempo, very rhythmic, something you would find in blues-rock guitar today..."[6]

One of his largest works is the Opera, "Legends", which was written for the Vancouver Island Symphony's Youth and Education concert series. The show "tell[s] the story of the last 150 years on central Vancouver Island, including the contributions of First Nations, Chinese immigrants and Scottish and English coal miners."[7] The production was awarded a Vancouver Celebration Grant for its contribution to the community.[8][9]

Nett's latest work is a ballet titled "The Same River Twice". This piece was performed, in Newfoundland, in Gros Morne's Summer Music 2010 program in a show called "Splash!" organized by David Maggs.[10] The show took place "in a dory floating between the two banks of the [Gynmill Inn] pond near where the stream empties into it," featuring keyboard, cello, percussion and voice. Beyond the music was "a series of dancers moving to choreography arranged by Amy Andrews", "a theatrical element played out by local actor Jim Parsons" and supported by an "audio technician Louis McDonald and lighting guru Harry Tibbo."[11]

Selected works[edit]

The Same River Twice - keyboard, cello, percussion, voice, Gros Morne Summer Music[12][13]

Sol – full orchestra, Vancouver Symphony[14]
Symphonia Brevis – full orchestra, Vancouver Symphony[15]
Sonic Blue – full orchestra, Vancouver Island Symphony[16]
Tungstein – amplified orchestra w/electric guitar soloist, Plastic Acid Orchestra[17]

Legends – full orchestra with singers, Vancouver Island Symphony[18][19]

Native Spirit Song – SATB, British Columbia Boy's Choir[20]

Who We Really Are – brass ensemble, Vertical Orchestra[21]
In the Mouth of Madness – chamber orchestra, Aventa Ensemble[22]
Trio #1 and 2 – guitar, violin, flute, Jason Nett Ensemble[23]

Guitar Quartets[24]
The Journey I,II,III – Vancouver Guitar Quartet
Road Rage - Jason Nett Guitar Quartet
Excerpts From A Diary #1 I,II,III - Jason Nett Guitar Quartet
Revolution - Jason Nett Guitar Quartet
When I Think Of You - Jason Nett Guitar Quartet
Searching For The Devine - Jason Nett Guitar Quartet
O’Canada - Jason Nett Guitar Quartet


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