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Jason Perlow is a technology columnist and Linux expert who is considered one of the top 100 technology experts on Twitter.[1] He writes the Tech Broiler blog for ZDNet and the Off The Broiler "foodie" blog, and is a Technical Solution Professional at Microsoft. In 2007, Perlow decided to change his foodie lifestyle, a change which was chronicled by the New York Times.[2]


Perlow spent ten years as a technology consultant for Bankers Trust, Canon, and Sharp Electronics.

Since 1998, Perlow has also been a technology and food writer. He was a Senior Technical Editor for PalmPower Magazine and Windows CE Power Magazine,[3] a writer for Sm@rtReseller Magazine, and was a Senior Technology Editor for Linux Magazine.[4]

In 2008, Perlow was named a blogger for ZDNet, a division of CBS, where he currently holds the title of Senior Technology Editor.

Perlow was an Advisory Architect for IBM Global Technology Services's Server Optimization and Datacenter Relocation practice from September 2007 to December 2012. He now works for Microsoft in their Small to Mid-Market Solutions & Partners division (SMS&P) as a Technical Solution Professional and Partner Technology Advisor focusing on providing solutions for Cloud hosting providers.[5]


Perlow founded the eGullet.com food discussion community along with food writer Steven Shaw in August 2001 and was its sole financial supporter, proprietor and technologist. In 2004, he gave up his financial interest in the company and it became the eGullet Society for Culinary Arts and Letters, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity, and he joined its Board of Directors.

In February 2006, Perlow founded Off The Broiler to "return to my roots as a food enthusiast and do what I truly loved, which is to talk and write about food, technology and other topics that genuinely interested me."[6]

In April 2006, Perlow left eGullet and its Board of Directors to concentrate on Off The Broiler full-time.[7] In 2007, Perlow decided to change his foodie lifestyle,[8] a change which was chronicled by the New York Times.[2]


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